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Vapo express steam steriliser - Nuk

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    Nuk Vapo express steam steriliser 6minuts
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Nuk - Vapo express steam steriliser 6minuts

Nuk - Vapo express steam steriliser




Steam Sterilizer NUK

Every day, there are countless times that babies need to eat ...
And for every meal, the nursing bottle and teat in addition to being clean and also need to be disinfected ....

With capacity for 6 bottles NUK, this practical and hygienic steam sterilizer effectively disinfects bottles and accessories in just 6 minutes!

Increase pressure on hygiene !!! 💨

The Steam Sterilizer NUK Vapo Rapid disinfects baby bottles, infant feeding bottle accessories, teething rings, pacifiers and accessories breast pump with a steam disinfection - in just 6 minutes and without the use of chemicals.

  • It is electrically heated until boiling.
  • It eliminates all germs in a heat above 90 ° C and therefore effectively disinfects bottles and accessories.
  • The disinfection process starts with just the push of a button; when the disinfection process is finished, the unit turns off automatically.
  • The integrated lighting indicates the phase of the disinfection process.
  • It allows the packaging of items in a sanitized closed unit for more than 24 hours.
  • Suitable for disinfection of 6 bottles NUK FIRST CHOICE and accessories, as well as disinfection of all standard size bottles.






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