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Cream for Calluses - Neutrogena

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    Neutrogena Cream for Calluses 50 mL
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Neutrogena - Cream for Calluses 50 mL

Crème Pour Callosités - Neutrogena



Cream for dry feet, with a tendency for formation of corns and calluses!

Delete the calluses from your life!

This cream has shown in clinical studies that 80% reduces calluses and moisturize intensely, leaving feet soft and hydrated.
The cream is quickly absorbed, without tarnish or leave feeling fat in the skin!

Made from a set of moisturizing ingredients, including Glycerin, known for their beneficial properties for the skin, this cream moisturizes in depth and repair cracks, leaving the skin comfortable.

How to Use 





Massage your feet with softness, with a higher incidence in the drier areas with calluses.


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