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Resurface Hight Potency Cream with 20% of Aha - Neostrata

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    Neostrata Resurface Hight Potency Cream Anti-Wrinkle with 20% Aha 30 G
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Neostrata - Resurface Hight Potency Cream Anti-Wrinkle with 20% Aha 30 G

Resurface Hight Potency Cream Aha 20 - Neostrata



Neostrata High Potency Cream is one of the most intensive night anti-aging treatment of NeoStrata.

Formulated with the highest concentration of AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids), is indicated for the repair the mature photoaged skin. 

Its formulation with potent AHA stimulates the synthesis of collagen and increases skin supporting structure, repairing signs of aging resulting from sun exposure.

Neostrata High Potency Cream has exfoliating, moisturizing and restorative action, ideal for mature skin, without sensitivity to glycolic acid.

Suitable for normal to dry skin, the high concentration of Glycolic Acid and Lactobionic acid, favouring the reduction of wrinkles, improve texture and skin hydration, for a visibly smoother, supple and luminous skin. 

Active Ingredients:

  • Glycolic acid 18%;
  • Lactobionic acid 2%;
  • Vitamin E.

How to use






Apply in the evening on face and neck with gentle massage until complete absorption through the skin. Daily use of a sunscreen is recommended, and avoid sun exposure during the treatment. Should extend the use of a sunscreen for over a week after discontinuation of treatment, in order to minimize the risk of photosensitivity and sunburn.


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