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Resurface High Potency R Serum Gel - Neostrata

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    Neostrata Resurface High Potency R Serum Gel 50 mL
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Neostrata - Resurface High Potency R Serum Gel 50 mL

Resurface High Potency R - Neostrata

expected delivery 30 May - 01 Jun


A powerful combination of active ingredients, so that you can achieve smoother, firmer, and brighter skin; protected from oxidizing free radicals!

Neostrata thought about the characteristics of the photoaged skin, as well as the threats to which it is exposed; and thus developed the Resurface high potency R serum gel.

The highest concentration of retinol + glycolic acid, for a visibly renewed skin!

With a light serum-gel texture, this product can be used by all skin types; spreading easily all over the face.

Its formula has 2 anti-glycation and antioxidant systems, achieved by the association of carnosine, vitamin C, vitamin E and coffee extract (Coffee Berry); along with a potent anti-aging action that is conferred by the combination of retinol + glycolic acid + citric acid.

Together, these ingredients allow you to give back firmness to your skin, while visibly smoothing the already installed wrinkles; preventing the development of new signs of aging.

How to Use





Apply morning and/or evening, using just 1 pump to fill the entire face.

To achieve the desired effect, and once the skin may become sensitized, it is recommended to apply sunscreen with a high protection factor during the day; regardless of the time of year in which you apply this treatment.


What's new: january!
What's new: january!
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