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Mustela liniment dermo-protecteur

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    Mustela Liniment dermo-protecteur 400ml
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Mustela - Liniment dermo-protecteur 400ml

Mustela - Mustela liniment dermo-protecteur

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    Mustela Liniment dermo-protecteur 200ml

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Mustela - Liniment dermo-protecteur 200ml

Mustela - Mustela liniment dermo-protecteur




A natural combination care traditionally composed by extra-virgin olive oil rich in Omega 6 and 9 and calcium hydroxide.

Effectively protects at every diaper change
Gentle cleansing

Its rich and creamy texture creates a protective layer that isolates the skin from external aggressions (moisture and diaper friction).

  • Clinically tested under dermatological and pediatric control
  • High tolerance proven in hypersensitive skin
  • Formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions


How to use





Shake before use. In each diaper change, begin by cleaning the area with the Mustela liniment dermo-protecteur with the help of a cotton or compress.
It is not necessary to rinse. To complete the diaper change, apply Vitamin barrier cream 123.

Mustela Baby

The skin cosmetics Mustela meet the specific needs of the fragile skin of newborns, babies, children and future moms.
They are drawn up in an pharmacist environment, subject to a rigorous assessment, hypoallergenic and have a high tolerance.



Diaper rash

last update: 02 January 2018

Diaper rash
The diaper rash is an area of ​​skin inflammation that is covered by diapers. For all the babies that soffer with rash or "roasted botty" .

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