Stelatopia emolient balm - Mustela

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    Mustela Stelatopia emolient balm baby atopic skin 200ml
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Mustela - Stelatopia emolient balm baby atopic skin 200ml

Mustela - Stelatopia emolient balm




Atopic skin requires extra care and for baby's comfort and softness.

An exceptional emollient care for face and body, to apply from birth, including babies from neonatology!

Stelatopia body emollient balm atopic skin

  • Moisturizes, cleanses the skin and soothes feelings of discomfort and itching
  • Restores the altered skin barrier with an atopic tendency
  • Strengthens the skin's natural defenses
  • Reduces Staphylococcus aureus adhesion preventing biofilm formation, its protective envelope
  • Preserves the cellular richness of the skin, thanks to the Perséose de Advocato


How to use





From birth, apply twice a day on dry face and body skin after using Stelatopia Cleansing Cream.


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