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    Moroccanoil Moroccanoil light treatment 25ml
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Moroccanoil - Moroccanoil light treatment 25ml

Moroccanoil - Moroccanoil treatment original




An oil thought especially for the needs of blond, white and platinum hair; but also for the thinnest ones!

The Moroccanoil light treatment leaves your hair soft, bright and full of life!

Incredibly healthy, untangled and loose hair!

This oil can be used to condition, comb and define the styling of your hair.

With antioxidants and vitamins rich argan oil as well as lineseed extract; this nourishing oil will be your most precious your ally!

How to Use






Apply 1 to 2 doses in clean and moisten hair, from tips and up to half the length.

Dry your hair as desired.

It can be applyed locally on dry hair to repair split ends or to tame flyaways.


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