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Morepa smart fats fish oil capsules - Minami Nutrition

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    Minami Nutrition Morepa smart fats 30capsules
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Minami Nutrition - Morepa smart fats 30capsules

Minami Nutrition - Morepa supercritical fish oil

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Minami Nutrition



Ómega-3 supercritical rich supplement!!!

MorEpa is a premium Omega-3 supplement, developed by belgian experts, using a supercitrical CO2 extraction technology, offering 850mg of Ómega-3 in just one capsule!
Also with Miradoxan, a balanced blend of rosemary and rich tocopherol extract provides anti-oxidant action.

Its objective is to fight against the greatest scourge of the twenty-first century - the lack of emotional well-being!

Promotes emotional balance...

By stabilizing irritable states and control anxiety, it also prevents states of apathy and sadness. The Ómega-3 in its composition improves sleep quality, reducing physical and mental fatigue, and the ability to concentrate.

Supercritical technology (eco-friendly):
When the fish oil is purified using supercritical extraction with CO2, 400% less heat is used in this process, compared with other extraction methods.

In its composition it has:
EPA - eicosapentaenoic acid and DHA - docosahexaenoic acid (Omega 3), are essential fatty acids, highly unsaturated, found in cold water fish (anchovies, sardines and mackerel), which play important roles in the functioning of the human body:

  • contributes to normal heart function;
  • contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function and vision.

Each capsule includes:

Ómega-3 fatty acids:

  • - EPA 590mg
  • - DHA 130mg
  • - Others 130mg


  • - Monounsaturated fats Máx. 50mg
  • - Polyunsaturated fats Máx. 880mg

With a nice orange flavor, does not taste like fish at all !!!
Gluten free. Lactose Free.


How to use

Minami Nutrition





1 capsule a day with a meal for at least 4 months.

No side effects.

Does not interfer with the usual medication.

Note: Do not exceed the dosage of 5gr of DHA and EPA per day.

Know more...
... Minami Nutrition is committed to the advancement of scientific research to Omega-3 nutrition, taking part in 11 human clinical studies.

Scientific studies have confirmed the optimal absorption of products rich in Omega-3.


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