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    Microlife Wrist tensiometer bp w90
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Microlife - Wrist tensiometer bp w90

Microlife - Wrist blood pressure monitor bp w90




Wrist tensiometer BP W90 clinically tested.

Simple and easy use. PAD-wrist technology for the detection of cardiac arrhythmia.

Blood pressure control with wrist blood pressure monitor easy to use!

Allows 2 users (99 data memories for each user).

Equipped with protector box.

Low-battery indicator (2pcs 1.5V AAA Batteries).

How to use






Avoid activity, eating or smoking immediately before the measurement.

Sit down for at least 5 minutes before the measurement and relax.

Measurement shall be carried out in the same wrist (normally the left one).

Remove any items of clothing and watch so that the wrist is free. Ensure that the cuff is positioned correctly and not too tight.

Support your arm in a relaxed position and ensure that the device is at the same height as your heart.

Press ON/OFF button. During the measurement breathe normally and do not talk. The result of the systolic and diastolic blood pressure and the pulse appear on the display. Remove and turn-off the device.


Blood pression

last update: 16 May 2016

Blood pression
Find out what can be your best ally for control the blood pression.

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