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Thermometer nc150 - Microlife

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    Microlife Thermometer non contact nc150 1 unit
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Microlife - Thermometer non contact nc150 1 unit

Microlife - Thermometer nc150




Digital thermometer NC150 non contact allows measurement and monitoring body temperature without contact with the skin in just 3 seconds.

Reliable and hygienic results, once it does not require contact thanks to innovative infrared technology.

Measurement of body temperature in just 3 seconds!

Multifunctional device as it can determine not only the body but also the temperature of the milk bottle, baby bath, the environment, ...

Ergonomic design enables simple, fast and easy utilization. It can be used even in sleeping children.

Memory of the last 30 readings.


Without risk of breaking or mercury ingestion.

NOTE: The Thermometer is  not waterproof so should not be immersed in liquids!

How to use





Press the ON/OFF button. When the icon «° C» or «° F» is flashing, a beep sound is heard and the thermometer is ready for measuring.

Aim the thermometer at the center of the forehead (or desired object) with a distance of no more than 5 cm, press the START button and steadily move the thermometer from the middle of the forehead to the temple area. After 3 seconds a long beep will verify the completion of measurement. Read the temperature on the display.

Remove any hair, sweat or dirt from the forehead before measuring to improve the accuracy of the readings.


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