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Radiance Adn Eye Contour Global Antiaging - Mesoestetic

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    Mesoestetic Radiance DNA Eye Contour 15 mL
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Mesoestetic - Radiance DNA Eye Contour 15 mL

Radiance DNA Eye Contour - Mesoestetic

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Radiance DNA Eye Contour,  anti-wrinkle, anti-dark circles and anti-puffiness effect. 

A triple specific anti-aging action, for the total repair of the eye contour.

The periocular zone smoothes, unifies and lights!
Eye bags and dark circles visibly disappear

Provides an immediate and long-lasting tensor and lifting effect, with action on the deep wrinkles.


  • DMAE: provides a snapshot and visible lifting effect.
  • Eye seryl: tetrapeptide with anti-edémic properties of high effectiveness in the reduction of the bags under the eyes. Has an anti dark circles effect, increasing the brightness in the periocular zone.
  • India's Chestnut extract: vasoconstrictors and antiedematose properties. Powerful decongestant and draining action.

Learn more....Radiance DNA

Formulated with innovative complex: MesoRecovery, DNA, Radiance is a unique combination of active ingredients selected for their properties:

  • Antioxidants,
  • Protective,
  • Repairing Celular DNA!

Using an unique technology of specific liberation, through biovectors, these are capable of relaying and releasing the MesoRecovery complex in the cell's nucleous, thereby ensuring an unparalleled effectiveness!

The solution for skin aging!

How to use






Apply by morning and at night in the eye contour.

Massage the product in a circular motion, from the inside to the outside until its total absorption.


Anti-aging solutions . mesoestetic
Anti-aging solutions . mesoestetic
The 4 degrees of aging skin may be treated differently through protocols both preventive and corrective.

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