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Glycorepair regenerating gel for all skin types - Mesoestetic

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    Mesoestetic Glycorepair regenerating gel 50ml
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Mesoestetic - Glycorepair regenerating gel 50ml

Mesoestetic - Glycorepair




Glycorepair is a Mesoestetic regenerating treatment gel for dull, dry and rough skin, which also operates against the loss of flexibility and firmness of the skin tissue of the face.

Glycorepair causes a cell renewal and accelerates the desquamation of dead skin cells.

The result is a luminous,
healthy and velvety skin

Regulates sebum secretion and reduces the appearance of comedones.

Promotes the recovery of the hydration of lifeless skin and relieves in case of solar redness.

How to use






Apply on clean skin in the morning and/or at evening.


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