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Collagen 360 Elixir Anti-Wrinkle Solution Drinkable Nutricosmetic - Mesoestetic

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    Mesoestetic Collagen 360º Elixir 6 Bottles of 30 mL
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Mesoestetic - Collagen 360º Elixir 6 Bottles of 30 mL

Collagen 360º Elixir - Mesoestetic



The Collagen 360º elixir is a drinkable nutricosmetic specifically created to help reaffirm the skin from the inside of the body, reducing wrinkles and return luminosity.

Acts as a supplementary form with the use of cosmetic products: a cream offers a rapid hydration on the surface while the dermal Collagen 360º elixir acts from the inside, in the deepest layers of the skin.

In just six weeks, the skin presents
smoother, elastic and redensified

  • Bioactive Ingredient with regenerating properties and reaffirming of the skin and a functional nutrient that helps to restore metabolic balance of the skin, promoting the biosynthesis of its components.
  • Acts synergistically with the rest Collagen 360º product, defining itself as a full 360-degree treatment.
  • Highly digestible and easily assimilated by the body, contains no fat or cholesterol.

The Collagen 360º contains 10 g of hydrolysate collagen.

From the inside, the Collagen 360º acts fully in the body and face, favouring:

  • Reduction of wrinkle depth
  • Recovery of volume and density of the skin


How to use






1 vial a day preferably at night, during the first six days of each month, for three months. Each pack contains 6 bottles of 30 ml each.
3 months treatment, starting the next box always the same day of the month (example 1st January start box + 1st February start box + 1st March start box)


Anti-aging solutions . mesoestetic
Anti-aging solutions . mesoestetic
The 4 degrees of aging skin may be treated differently through protocols both preventive and corrective.
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And the beauty oscar goes to.....
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