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Cerebral tonic adults - Mental Action

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    Mental Action Cerebral tonic for adults 30cp+30cap
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Mental Action - Cerebral tonic for adults 30cp+30cap

adults - Mental Action

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Mental Action


Mental Action Adult is a new brain tonic developed for adults seeking energy associated with mental and cognitive performance.

The composition rich in B vitamins and vitamin C help maintain the proper functioning of the metabolism of energy producer and normal psychological function.

Iron and Zinc which contribute to a normal cognitive function.

Brain tonic to enhance cognitive function, energy and mental performance.

Contains Pantothenic Acid that contributes to normal mental performance; and DHA that contributes to the maintenance of a normal brain function.

How to use
Mental Action





Take 1 pill along with 1 capsule a day, after lunch.

Contains caffeine, isn't recommended in children and pregnant women.


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