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Rejuvenating mask for hands exfoliating and moisturizing care - Mavala

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    Mavala Rejuvenating mask for hands 75ml
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Mavala - Rejuvenating mask for hands 75ml

Mavala - Masque de jouvence pour les mains




This Cleansing Mask for Hands brings immediate benefit to dry and damaged hands. 

Its formula contains:

  • ceramide 2, moisturising allantoin well-known for its healing properties,
  • allantoin, with healing properties
  • botanical extracts (mallow, cucumber, melissa) which remove impurities, refresh and invigorate
  • aloe vera to calm and soften the skin

A weekly application allows hands to stay supple and soft and prevents premature ageing.

How to use





Apply the mask once a week with a light massaging action and then slip hands into the plastic gloves that come with the product. Allow it to remain on hands for 10 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water.



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