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Manicure sticks - Mavala

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    Mavala Manicure sticks 5pcs
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Mavala - Manicure sticks 5pcs

Bâtonnets manucure - Mavala




Perfectly suited for manicure and pedicure, the Mavala's Manicure Sticks are indicated for push cuticles back and to clean the manicure errors.

Wrap the bevelled end of the stick with cotton wool to roll back cuticles and remove dead skin.

The other, arrow shaped, end is handy to remove nail polish smudges or clean under the free edge of nails.

These chopsticks are indispensable to obtain the perfect visual of the nail.



How to use






After application of Cuticle Remover wrap the end of the stick with cotton wool and gently roll back cuticles. Percaution: Always wrap the end of the stick with cotton, to avoid damaging the cuticles and the root of the nail.


Mavala's hand ritual
Mavala's hand ritual
Do you want to learn to take care of your hands, in order to always have perfect nails and skin ? We show how, with the Mavala method, a reference brand in the area of the manicure!
Nautical manicura
Nautical manicura
How about change your everyday manicura for a nautical theme? Perfects for the summer, these nails with a theme will make sucess everywhere you go.

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