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Garden party colors color varnishes nail polish - Mavala

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    Mavala Nail color wind breeze nº116 5ml
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Mavala - Nail color wind breeze nº116 5ml

Mavala - Nail color cream wind breeze nº116 5ml




The brand new collection of Mavala transforms the Spring in 6 essential colors for this season:


  • Magnolia, a milky rose, like a powdery cloud
  • Begonia, a faded rose, both fragile and comforting
  • Azalea, a stylish and fresh, mischievous pink
  • Amaryllis, a light and sunny coral
  • Petunia, abluish pink, fresh and self-assured

This collection is a true botanical festival, which mixes the elegant with the natural and the romantic, in crosswalks of petals in the villages.



Mavala varnishes do not contain:

  • toluene
  • formaldehyde
  • phthalates (DBP)
  • parabens
  • camphor
  • animal ingredients
  • heavy metals
  • nickel.

How to use






  1. Protect the nail plate with a base coat, Mavala 002 or Ridge Filler, and allow it to set before applying polish.
  2. Test consistency of polish on nail tip before beginning.
  3. Use long, even strokes when applying nail polish - avoid dabbing as the second coat will cover any missed areas.
  4. Apply a second coat to perfect manicure and intensify the color.
  5. Apply a top coat - Mavala Gel Finish Top Coat or Colorfix.  

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