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Deodorant gel for feet - Mavala

Discontinued Product.
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Perspiration is a natural phenomenon which should not be suppressed.

Unfortunately, organic residue from perspiration accumulates on the skins' surface and, with heat and humidity, can become a breeding ground for unpleasant odours.

This problem is common if feet are enclosed in shoes all day and some types of shoes accentuate this problem.

The Gel Deodorant for Feet of Mavala ensures a long-lasting freshness and avoid these odors.

The pleasantly scented Deodorising Foot Gel contains a 'Deo-active' agent that, with a targeted action, prevents unpleasant odour due to micro-organisms naturally present on skin.

Its long-lasting action provides a sense of freshness all day and prevents unpleasant foot odours from forming.


How to use






Apply in the morning after washing and carefully drying feet.


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