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Pigment zero dsp-antiox food supplement - Martiderm

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    Martiderm Pigment zero dsp-antiox food supplement 60 capsules
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Martiderm - Pigment zero dsp-antiox food supplement 60 capsules

Martiderm - Dsp-antiox capsules




In addition to speeding up the process of skin aging promoting the dark spots generation, the sun radiation is often associated with photosensitivity reactions that cannot always be prevented through the isolated use of sunscreen.

To provide you with the best prevention in the face of all these consequences, arising from sun exposure, Martiderm developed the Pigment zero dsp-antiox food supplement.

Strengthen your skin's antioxidant defenses, preparing it for the Sun!

This supplement combines beta carotene (vitamin A, 1200ug) and lycopene (5 mg), which together help neutralize the free radical damage generated on the skin surface, besides helping to speed up your tan.

The selenium (50ug), zinc (1, 5 mg) and vitamin D (5ug) and and E (10 mg)potentiate this effect, preventing the generation of dark spots when combined with the daily use of sunscreen.

The formulation also has the NutroxSun (50mg) patent, containing rosemary and grapefruit extract; which provides additional natural sun protection.

How to Use






Take 1 capsule a day, starting 1 month before the planned period of solar exposure.

Continue to take during the exposure.


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