Dioptipoche Puffiness Reducing Gel Eye Contour Care - Lierac

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    Lierac Dioptipoche Puffiness Reducing Gel Eye Contour 15 mL
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Lierac - Dioptipoche Puffiness Reducing Gel Eye Contour 15 mL

Dioptigel Gel Réducteur Des Poches - Lierac

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The under-eye puffiness are a sign of premature skin aging, caused mostly by a problem of poor circulation in the eye area.

The LIERAC solution?

Dioptipoche gel
The anti-puffiness tensor care

This gel with soothing, draining and restructuring plant extracts, decongests the eye area and gives the eye a fresh and revitalized look.

The eye contour area gets free of puffinesss with a more toned skin with more elasticity, looking brighter!

Active components from the best of science and nature which:

  • Fight against water retention and the edematous state of the dermis, improving circulatory dynamics.
  • Removes lipids and prevents their storage
  • Restructures and improves the contractility of dermal tissue
  • Protect against periocular cell damage for enhanced corrective action on dark circles.




How to use




Apply by morning and at night on clean and toned skin, in the eye contour area (follow the eye contour bone to apply the product).

Diopti - LIERAC

Extremely thin and fragile, the eye contour skin demands special care to preserve its youth and beauty.

DIOPTI is a line of cares very concentrated in active plant ingredients, acting against all aging symptoms in this delicate area.

The results are proven in clinical trials and thanks to LIERAC, they are from now on within your reach!


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