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Baby soft diapers, first steps - Libero

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    Libero Diapers baby soft (2-5kg) pack 28 units

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Libero - Diapers baby soft (2-5kg) pack 28 units

Libero - Newborn size 1 (2-5kg)




Because the first few months of your baby are the best...

Provide hours of softness to your baby!

Baby Soft diapers are designed for the first months of life of your little baby...

From 0 to 2,5 Kg:
Specifically designed for very small or premature babies...

From 2 to 5 Kg:
The ideal diaper for the arrival of your baby.
Most babies are born weighing about 3.5 kg, and so this is the perfect size for a few weeks.

From 3 to 6 Kg:
It is ideal for babies who sleep on their back. But also perfect for the more active babies.

They are ultra soft, with special absorption bags to prevent any leakage into the belly or baby back. They are also extra-soft not to hurt the navel area.
Diaper change is also very easy.

Libero diapers are characterized by:






  • "additives, the less the better" philosophy, the reason for not using any lotions or perfumes;
  • breathable: the air passes through the dense surface layer to the center of the diaper. This helps to keep the skin dry and healthy.
  • allow a superb adaptation: they are thin with an adapted cut to the little body of your baby so that agility has no obstacles; They are soft to not disturb the most delicate skin!


Joana teles: essentials for new moms!

last update: 04 May 2017

Joana teles: essentials for new moms!
Being a Mother is a challenge, commitment and adventure that is well worth it! Get to know the testimony of Joana Teles, her products of choice and tips, to always be beautiful!

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