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Luna beads spheres of pleasure - Lelo

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    Lelo Luna beads
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Lelo - Luna beads

Lelo - Luna beads™

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    Lelo Luna beads noir
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Lelo - Luna beads noir

Lelo - Luna beads™ noir




Luna beads, beads of pleaure...

LUNA beads were designed to women to seeking more intense sensations!

A combined system of exercise and enjoyment that enables women and their partners improve their future sensations.

Available in 2 versions::

  • Luna Beads
    Developed as a stylish and discreet alternative to the traditional 'geisha balls', LUNA beads works to strengthen the vaginal wall and make it more sensitive to touch, improving muscular control and allowing more intense and stimulating orgasms.
    Reduces the risk of incontinence and other diseases of the pelvic floor, and provides a more rapid recovery after delivery. These beads contain weights that produce subtle vibrations to stimulate muscles that contract during daily activities.
    This is also the only system to Kegel exercises that allows you to combine different weights; each set comprises two balls of 28g (pink) and two beads of 37g (blue) each, which can be combined in the silicone belt to create exercise map which best fits you.
    These are generally preferred by women who have alreay experienced childbirth

When being used, it offers a subtle vibration induced by motion, for a more enjoyable exercise, making the LUNA beads the ideal accessory for women who know how to appreciate the well-being that follows taking care of the body.

  • Luna Beads Noir
    They offer a seductive prospect of "Ben Wa balls," best-selling in the world, promising an irresistible pleasure during foreplay and beyond. Perfect for use on a night with your partner, the inner balls respond to movements with subtle vibrations, enhancing the senses of pleasure yet to come.

More than building sensations serves to tease and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, bringing a number of health benefits and the potential of having stronger and regular orgasms in the future. These have a smaller size for a comfortable and perfect fit for all women, and can be used one at a time or together with the silicone belt that allows the choice of pleasure tailored.

Height: 8.9 cm
Width: 3.5 cm
Depth: 1.6 cm


Beads: diameter 35 mm 
2 x 28 grams (petal pink)  
2 x 37 grams (powder blue)

Height: 7.3 cm
Width: 3.1 cm
Depth: 1.5 cm


Beadsdiameter 29 mm 
2 x 37 grams (black)


Materials: Body safe PC ABS / silicone
Finish : Glossy