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Hula Beads the Premium Pleasure Beads That Rotate and Vibrate - Lelo

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    Lelo Hula Beads Ocean Blue
  • $ 202.36 $ 174.02 

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Lelo - Hula Beads Ocean Blue

Hula Beads™ Ocean Blue - Lelo

expected delivery 18 Jul - 20 Jul
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    Lelo Hula Beads Deep Rose
  • $ 202.36 $ 174.02 

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Lelo - Hula Beads Deep Rose

Hula Beads™ Deep Rose - Lelo

expected delivery 18 Jul - 20 Jul
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    Lelo Hula Beads Black
  • $ 202.36 

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Lelo - Hula Beads Black

Hula Beads™ Black - Lelo

expected delivery 18 Jul - 20 Jul


Hula Beads, pleasure without boundaries...

Luxurious pleasure spheres, with remote control, running and vibrate at the same time, providing completely new sensations.

Start only with a rotating sphere, and let the powerful vibrations being felt around the ultra sensitive lips and clitoris. Then step it up using the balls slightly so that the upper ball rotate against the G-spot, while the lower ball gives powerful vibrations through stimulation patterns.

Hula Beads are the world's first pleasure balls with remote control, rotations and vibrations for the most intense pleasures... To use alone or with your partner, its use is unlimited. Go to where your imagination takes you: in the restaurant, at the night club or during the preliminary!

8 standard patterns of rotation and vibration, 6 standard and 2 SenseMotion™, adapt sensations, the wireless remote puts to the test the imagination to a distance up to 12 meters. With SenseMotion™ technology*, you decide!
100% waterproof, rechargeable, enjoy 1.5 hours of pure pleasure ... even while bathing!

Designed with ultra-soft silicone and not harmful to the body, it has 1 year warranty and quality assurance of 10 years.

The SenseMotion Technology ™ is an unique way to use personal massagers in wich speed and intensity of vibration can be controlled with a simple movement. The remote control is operated intuitively and naturally by different actions that generate an immediate response.
More than that, the control reflects the vibrations created so that you can feel what your partner is feeling up to a distance of 12 meters.

Adventure starts here...

LeloHeight: 9.8 cm
Width: 3.8 cm
Depth: 3.7 cm
Weight: 67 gr

(pleasure object only - remote control not included at this mesures)


Materials: FDA-approved body-safe silicone/ABS
Battery: Li-Ion 3.7v 200mAh / Remote 2 x AAA battery
Charging: 2 h at 5.0 V 200 mA
User time: Up to 1.5 hours / Remote Up to 10 hours
Standby: Up to 90 days (Pleasure Object)
Frequency: 125 Hz
Max noise level: <50dB
Interface: Single Button / Remote 3-button
Carrier frequency: 2.4GHz


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