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Anti-dandruff cream after shampoo - Lazartigue

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    Lazartigue Anti-dandruff cream after shampoo 75ml

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Lazartigue - Anti-dandruff cream after shampoo 75ml

Lazartigue - Propolis shampoo for oily scalp




Effective even against the most persistant dandruff!

The Anti-dandruff cream from Lazartigue remains in contact with your scalp for longer than a shampoo; thus providing a higher effectiveness.

Reduces the itching and scales generation, enhancing the action of your anti-dandruff shampoo.

This cream contains zinc pyrithione, an active ingredient with proven effectiveness against the Malasseziafungus, which unbalanced proliferation is one of the main factors that lead to the development of the scales.

Additionally, this product has a nourishing and soothing action; leaving your scalp healthier and fresher thanks to it's light fragrance.

How to Use






Apply to the scalp, after shampooing, spreading evenly.

Let it act for a few minutes, emulsify by massaging with some water, and rinse thoroughly.


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