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Hyabak 0,15% hydrating and lubricant hypotonic solution - Labs Thea

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    Labs Thea Hyabak 0,15% hypotonic solution hydrating and lubricant 10ml
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Labs Thea - Hyabak 0,15% hypotonic solution hydrating and lubricant 10ml

Labs Thea - Hyabak 0,15%

Labs Thea



Hyabak 0.15% hypotonic ophthalmic solution, intended to be applied in the eyes or contact lenses. Ideal for:

  • hydration and eye lubrication in the case of dryness feeling (discomfort, burning, irritation) and fatigue usually induced by external factors (wind, smoke, pollution, dust, dry heat, air conditioning, air travel, prolonged work in front of a computer screen,...);
  • moisturizing and lubrication of the contact lens in order to facilitate placement and removal.

Moisturizing and lubricating solution especially suitable for contact lens users.

With hyaluronic acid (moisturizer and lubricant) and actinoquinol (UV filter).

The absence of preservatives allows the use in any type of contact lens.


With ABAK multi-dose system that allows drops application through filter membrane which prevents solution bacterial contamination.

How to use

Labs Thea





Apply one drop in each eye whenever necessary.

In contact lens users put a drop on each lens when placing/removing and also whenever necessary throughout the day.

Solution must be rejected 3 months after first opening.


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