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Blephagel duo gel eyelids and eyelashes hygiene - Labs Thea

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    Labs Thea Blephagel duo gel eyelids and eyelashes hygiene (gel 30g + 100 compresses)

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Labs Thea - Blephagel duo gel eyelids and eyelashes hygiene (gel 30g + 100 compresses)

Labs Thea - Blephagel duo

Labs Thea



Blephagel duo, sterile gel for eyelids and eyelashes daily hygiene, especially developed for the following indications:

  • Blepharitis (eyelids inflammation);
  • Dry eye by inner eyelid glands dysfunction;
  • Eye and eyelid injurioes due to acne rosacea and seborrhoeic dermatitis;
  • After surgery when there is a need for careful eyelids and base of the eyelashes cleansing.

Eyelid natural hydration. Refreshes, soothes and calms!!!

Hypoallergenic. Preservatives, parabens, alcohol and fragrance free.

Tested under ophthalmologic​ control.

Recommended for contact lenses users.

How to use

Labs Thea





Apply twice a day, morning and night, or as many times as necessary. Use on eyelids and eyelashes.

Put a small amount of gel on a clean compress. Remove the gel from the end of the tube with the compress. In front of the mirror, with eye closed, gently apply the compress on eyelids and on the base of eyelashes. Gently massage eyelids and eyelashes with small circular movements, to remove all residues. Remove any excess gel from the eyelid with a clean compress.

Do not apply directly in the eye!

Gel must be rejected 8 weeks after first opening.


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