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Pure Gold Radiance Eye Cream - La Prairie

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    La Prairie Pure Gold Radiance Eye Cream 20 mL
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La Prairie - Pure Gold Radiance Eye Cream 20 mL

Pure Gold Radiance Eye Cream - La Prairie

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La Prairie


Pure Gold Radiance Eye Cream, infused with the Pure Gold Diffusion System, captures the radiant luminosity of youth.

The eye contour area is immediately more luminous, deeply hydrated and with a redefined appearance over time.

Moisturizes intensely and minimizes the appearance of dark circles over time!

 Inspired by the fleeting moment of the Golden Hour in the crown of the alps, La Prairie, with The Pure Gold Collection, seeks to recreate its unique radiance and impart it to the skin, giving it radiance, as if the light came from within.

Thanks to its unique properties, gold as a radiance enhancer and vehicle for powerful active ingredients is particularly well-suited to devitalized skin – skin that is fragile, thin, dry and dull, deficient in nutrients. Both environmental conditions and physiological changes can contribute to skin’s fragile state. When skin is devitalized, it becomes less receptive to nutrients, leading to a slowing down of renewal processes. For skin to function more efficiently, it needs to be constantly exposed to active ingredients.

La Prairie has developed a new Pure Gold Science Platform, designed to provide sustained delivery of two key replenishing active ingredients to compensate for the loss of receptiveness of the skin.

The Pure Gold Diffusion System delivers a three-peak action sequence to the skin:

  1.  The immediate deposition of gold on the skin’s surface to offer instant radiance.
  2. An intense infusion of replenishing active ingredients follows.
  3. A steady release of the same replenishing active ingredients linked to gold particles deposited on the skin’s surface completes the sequence.

How to use

La Prairie





Apply morning and evening after cleaning and application of tonic and Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate.

Dot along under eye area and up toward temples, continuing the gesture above the eyebrow towards the bridge of the nose and finishing by dotting under the eyebrow line.

Massage in to skin with a gentle press-and-roll motion until completely absorbed

Then apply Pure Gold Radiance Cream, the last step of Pure Gold Ritual.



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