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Deodorants sensitive skin deo roll on - Klorane

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    Klorane Deo-roll on 40ml
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Klorane - Deo-roll on 40ml

Klorane - Déodorant très doux à l'althéa blanc roll-on





This very mild roll-on deodorant neutralizes odors respecting the natural process of perspiration.

Its light perfume provides a feeling of softness and well-being.

Roll-on Deodorant
Comfort for sensitive axils

Its formula is suitable for sensitive skin, designed to minimize the risk of allergy, leaving it protected, soft and comfortable.

Their wide sphere allows a comfortable, simple and pleasant application.

Klorane deodorants respect the natural process of perspiration, with the advantage of not staining.


How to use






Apply on clean and dry skin.

No aluminum salts.

Anti-white spots.

Without alcohol. Without parabens

Deodorants - Klorane

Thinking about the needs of sensitive skin, Klorane laboratories, extracted all the sweetness and delicacy of White Althea, an vegetable principle active, with soothing and emollient properties, and developed the new very gentle deodorant line.

Formulated to respect the sensitive skin, Klorane deodorants effectively neutralize the odors.



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