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Centaury Silver Reflections Shampoo - Klorane

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    Klorane Centaury Blue Silver Reflections Shampoo 400 mL
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Klorane - Centaury Blue Silver Reflections Shampoo 400 mL

Shampooing à La Ceutaurée - Klorane

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Associating a very mild emulsifier base, conditioning and avolumadora cornflower extract, shampoo with cornflower extract silver reflex awakens the natural brightness of white or gray hair, giving them light silvery reflections.

Prevents yellowing
of white or gray hair

It is merely reflexes, since the effect is only on the outside.

The shampoo contains no synthetic dye.


How to use






Apply to wet hair, massage until foaming, and rinse thoroughly.

There is no need to repeat the application.

Use whenever necessary.

Centaury - Klorane 

White or grey hair, with tendency to yellow and spleen?

With the herbal shampoo centaury extract, enhance the luminosity of your hair, protecting it against yellowing.

Centaury extract was selected for preventing yellowing of gray or white hair.



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