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Almond Milk Shampoo Volume - Klorane

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    Klorane Shampoo with Almond Milkl 400 mL
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Klorane - Shampoo with Almond Milkl 400 mL

Shampooing Au Lait D'Amande - Klorane

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Thin and fragile hair, without volume? Find it difficult to combing due to static electricity and weak hair without tone?

The almond milk, with volumizing properties, is associated with the lipopeptídeos that smooth and restructure the hair, giving it more volume.

Volumizer Shampoo
thin, lifeless hair

With its very mild emulsifier and detangling base, this volume shampoo with almond milk gives body to your hair and gives it smoothness and shine.

In addition, it neutralizes static electricity, frequent in fine hair.

How to use






Apply to wet hair, massage into foaming, and rinse thoroughly.

There is no need to repeat the application.

Almond milk - Klorane

Rich in proteins and aminoacids to strengthen the resistance of the capillary rod and preserve its integrity, the almond milk is ideal for fine hair without definition.



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