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Densifique bain densité shampoo - Kerastase

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    Kerastase Densifique bain densité shampoo 250ml
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Kerastase - Densifique bain densité shampoo 250ml

Kerastase - Kérastase densifique bain densité




Ideal shampoo for normal hair who lost density, the hair gets stronger and denser!

Density care for excellence!

Custom-made hair with loss of density, revives dormant hair bulbs and gives substance and tone to your hair!
The hair is more elasticity, more strength and more density.

- Stemoxydine: reproduces the ideal environment to allow stem cell research to its interaction and awaken dormant stage follicles
- Hyaluronic Acid: natural salt which saves up to 1000 times its weight in moisture. Moisturizes, gives elasticity and tone to the hair.
- Gluco-Peptide: into the deeper layers of the cuticle to compensate irregularities of the surface and restore uniformity. The hair is textured.
- Ceramides: strengthen the capillary fibre.

Increases the amount of hair that is amplifying the hair mass!

How to Use






Apply on damp hair, emulsify massage and rinse.


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