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Oxygen foot care - Karin Herzog

Discontinued Product.
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Foot Cream is an everyday care for the feet formulated with 2% Oxygen.

Oxygen is the most effective natural element as an antiseptic.

A bacterium can household for weeks inside the skin gathering all the ideal conditions: moisture, heat and low tissue oxygenation, until his eruption to the surface, where oxygen turns out to kill bacteria.

With the incorporation of oxygen into the skin, it is possible to prevent the bacterial proliferation, due to oxygen asepsis effect.

In association with Juniper, Karin Herzog Foot Cream gives a antiseptic,antibacterial, antifungal and deodorant effect, preventing nail infections, and the development of athlete's foot.

The presence of Sage and Chamomile, provide a calming effect and repairer of small calluses and disorders.

Over time, the skin is healthy, nourished and smooth, repaired as ever!

How to use

Karin Herzog





Apply the cream without rubbing and let it penetrate.


Find out the princess' choose.

last update: 27 May 2019

Find out the princess' choose.
Karin Herzog is the number one brand for the women in royal families. Is the only brand to transform the skin from the inside out.

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