Exclusive After Shaving Care - Karin Herzog

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    Karin Herzog After Shave Face Cream  50 mL
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Karin Herzog - After Shave Face Cream 50 mL

After Shave Cream Visage - Karin Herzog

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Karin Herzog


A true cream dedicated to Man!

All Karin Herzog care are intended for both sexes, with the exception of this After Shave, which was specially formulated thinking on male skin.

A balm After Shave with multiple benefits, which ensures a smooth and healthy skin, perfectly hydrated, looking amazing.

This After Shave Balm prevents multiple complications of male skin:

  • prevents ingrown hairs;
  • in case of court, acts as antiseptic, thanks to the presence of oxygen;
  • avoids overheating, calming the skin due to its fresh texture, with a citrus aroma.

The effect of Oxygen on hair growth, encourages the hair to grow with a right angle, which allows a closer shave, and dramatically reduces the risk of ingrown hairs.

After Shave Balm was developed with two Dr. Paul Herzog patents, that includes all the benefits of 2% Oxygen and Chamomile extract:

  • anti-wrinkle action;
  • detoxification of the skin;
  • dilation of pores for clearing;
  • elimination of bacteria responsible for the appearance of imperfections.

How to use

Karin Herzog





Apply a small layer on the clean skin without rubbing.


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