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Babynaturals Nutraisdin Af Repairing Ointment

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    Isdin Babynaturals Nutraisdin Af Repair Miconazole Ointment 50 mL
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Isdin - Babynaturals Nutraisdin Af Repair Miconazole Ointment 50 mL

Babynaturals Nutraisdin - Isdin

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Occlusion and macerating which occur in diaper area can lead to rashirritation and persistent redness.

The Babynaturals nutraisdin af restorative ointment with miconazole, for persistent diaper rash, allows to repair and relieve these symptoms very safely.

Effectiveness in just 7 days!

This ointment contains:

  • 0.25% miconazole nitrate, which controls the proliferation of microorganisms responsible for the irritation;
  • 20% zinc oxide, with astringent and restorative action, minimizing the maceration and promoting tissue regeneration;
  • 1.5% Dexpanthenol, soothing and repair promoter.

How to use






Apply a thin layer and homogeneous at each diaper change on cleana and dry skin.

Contact a doctor, if the diaper area is still altered after 7 days of use.


Diaper rash
Diaper rash
The diaper rash is a common skin inflammation present in the area that is covered by diapers. For all the babies that suffer with irritations and redness caused by diapers.

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