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Shampoo chamomile for blond hair - Intea

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    Intea Chamomile blonde highlights shampoo 250ml
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Intea - Chamomile blonde highlights shampoo 250ml

Intea - Champú reflejos rubios




Camomila blonde reflections shampoo​: a shampoo to conserve and enhance the natural color of blond hair.

It is the ideal complement to the aclaradoras Chamomile Intea hair lotions.

Light, brilliance and natural beauty that reflects in your hair!

Contains a high concentration of natural extract of Chamomile flowers and active ingredients that take care of the scalp and give to natural or dyed blond hair, a shine and softness, retaining the color.

It's not a dye.

Helps to return the natural blonde to hair darken with time, and gives shine to hair.

How to use





Apply on moist hair and scalp.

Massage and leave to act for 3 to 5 minutes.

Remove with plenty of water.



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