Lotion Chamomile Natural Blond - Intea

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    Intea Chamomile Natural Blond Lotion  100 mL
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Intea - Chamomile Natural Blond Lotion 100 mL

Camomila Rubio Natural Loción Cabello - Intea

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Chamomile natural blond lotionis a mixture of Chamomile flower and active ingredients that gradually lightens the natural blond hair.

It is not a dye or coloration, it's a plant-based lotion that lightens the hair and it does not stain or leave residues.

It's very useful to return the original blond hair those who were blond and darken over time.

Get a golden and bright tone, that suits you!

It acts progressively clarifying natural hair pigments so the obtained blond color is permanent and will not disappear with the washes.

Being a plant-based lotion, its action is progressive and smooth. Therefore, depending on the strength and original hair color will be needed more or less applications until the desired outcomming.

If it's the first time, it is recommended to test, applying chamomile lotion Intea on a small strand of hair to prove the resulting tone.

This lotion provides blond highlights, and is indicated for light brown or dark blond hair, natural or with highlights.

How to use






Wash and dry your hair with a towel and apply the lotion Chamomile Intea on damp hair spreading evenly over all the hair and roots, helping to spread with a comb.

Once applied, leat it act for at least 30 minutes and dry your hair in the sun or with a mild dryer.

Use once daily, but may be applied more than once if desired lighten hair up to more rapidly achieve the desired tone.

Once obtained, a weekly application on the roots is sufficient to clarify the new hair grows.

It does not contain ammonia. It contains hydrogen peroxide in a very small amount.

It's recommended for hair whose original color is between medium brown and dark blond.


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