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Truly brighter eye balm - House 99

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    House 99 Truly brighter eye balm  15ml
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House 99 - Truly brighter eye balm 15ml

House 99 - Truly brighter eye balm

House 99



The signs of fatigue in your eye area manifest as wrinkles and fine lines, which can give you a more tired and aged look.

The Truly brighter eye balm  allows you to solve this aspect quickly and effectively, combining active ingredients with decongesting and illuminating action.

Looking energized and revitalized for a younger appearance!

The combination of mica and caffeine allow you to brighten the skin and stimulate microcirculation; while the spirulina and quinoa extracts protect and nourish the area around the eyes.

How to Use

House 99





Apply a pea-sized amount on the eye contour area.


House 99

last update: 04 July 2018

House 99
Grooming: the art of taking care of your self in a masculine way, so that you always feel your best! SweetCare has been selected to represent House 99 in Portugal, therefore we welcome you to this new home!

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