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Smooth back shaping pomade - House 99

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    House 99 Smooth back shaping pomade 90ml
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House 99 - Smooth back shaping pomade 90ml

House 99 - Smooth back shaping pomade

House 99



Medium hold and natural finish, ideal for short to medium hair.

Smooth back shaping pomade is a classic barbershop care, that combines a perfect hair adherence with a finishing that is free from visible residues.

To create the famous David Beckham pompadour, or any other look created by your imagination!

This pomade is resistant to perspiration, water and environment; being enriched with spirulina and quinoa extracts.

Easy to remove during normal hair wash.

Ideal for short to medium hair.

How to Use

House 99





Heat a small amount between your hands and apply on damp or dry hair.


House 99

last update: 04 July 2018

House 99
Grooming: the art of taking care of your self in a masculine way, so that you always feel your best! SweetCare has been selected to represent House 99 in Portugal, therefore we welcome you to this new home!

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