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Spruce up toning lotion - House 99

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    House 99 Spruce up toning lotion 200ml
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House 99 - Spruce up toning lotion 200ml

House 99 - Spruce up toning lotion

House 99



A splash of freshness to start your day with a more toned and moisturized skin!

Spruce up is a toning lotion that complements your skin cleaning and shaving routine, leaving it energized and filled immediately.

Skin becomes moisturized, softened and soothed during 24h!

This product joins the moisturizing and exfolianting actions from glycerin and salicylic acid; which together with provitamin B5 also help soothe the skin.

Not sticky and non-greasy texture.

How to Use

House 99





Apply the lotion after cleansing or shaving, using your hands or a cotton pad.

Apply in the morning.


House 99

last update: 04 July 2018

House 99
Grooming: the art of taking care of your self in a masculine way, so that you always feel your best! SweetCare has been selected to represent House 99 in Portugal, therefore we welcome you to this new home!

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