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Sweet + card and other advantages!



SWEET + is a completely free offer, allowing you to accumulate 5% on all purchases made.
Just register and join SWEET + is automatic!

Learn more about this program, HERE


Share beauty, get discounts !!
Now it's even easier to share your love for SweetCare with your friends, family and colleagues !!!

Friendship is meant to be shared, as are the advantages in our store!
TELL A FRIEND is SweetCare's new exclusive program because we like to share the best moments of life with friends.
Share your secret with your friends and they will be forever grateful.

Because from now on, when you invite a friend to visit our store and become our customer, you can send them a discount code with many advantages - for you and your friends

And the best part?
You earn 5 € for each friend you buy with us and your friend ... Also !!!

How to enjoy this discount? It's easy! ;)
As soon as you send the code to your friend, he will be able to use it immediately and enjoy a € 5 discount!
There are so many advantages that in addition to friends, they will be shopping partners forever!

And for you, for every friend you buy at SweetCare, you also accumulate € 5 on your SWEET + card!

Terms and conditions:

  • There is a maximum of 5 codes that you can issue monthly, so choose your friends well :-)
  • 30 days after the issue date, you can generate a new code again.
  • Your friend can use the discount code for 90 days, on any order over 49 €, shipping not included.
  • If your friend is already our customer it is not possible to issue the discount code :-(
  • You cannot refer to yourself. Whenever we detect suspicious cases, we reserve the right to intervene, cancel or permanently suspend all associated accounts.
  • Discount of 5€ credited to the SWEET + card after the shipment of your friend's order.
  • We present this type of program in good faith and expect the same good faith in return. Please note that we can refuse commissions when we believe that customers are acting in bad faith or otherwise contrary to the intent of this program.


First order discount:
If you want to register at our store, we are happy to generate a gift certificate for you to use on your first purchase!

Sign up for free, HERE!

After making your registration, you just have to contact us via email so that we can generate your special welcome gift card and associate it with your registration!

Apply a discount code:
To use your discount voucher on your next order at our store, simply:

  • Log in to SweetCare and place the code issued in the final stage of your order, in the space reserved for this purpose: "Discount Code"
  • As soon as you enter the code in this field and click on the button next to "refresh", the system will automatically recalculate the order value in order to accept this discount.
  • The discount code must be entered during the order completion. Before making the payment, please check that it has been validated.
  • The discounts granted cannot be combined with other promotions, and are levied on the PVPR (recommended retail price).
  • Only the use of a discount code per order is valid.

New promotions campaigns, exclusive campaigns or immediate discounts appear daily in the SweetCare store.

You can consult all currently active campaigns, HERE!

To keep up with all campaign launches, join our newsletter for free! ;)

Yes! :)
Just contact us, informing the amount you want to offer and the billing details (name, address and telephone).
After confirming the payment, you'll receive by e-mail the gift voucher that you can print or forward.
The gift voucher has a minimum value of 10.00€ (euros)