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Orchidée Impériale the Sleeping Serum Nocturnal Regeneration - Guerlain

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    Guerlain Orchidée Impériale the Sleeping Serum 30 mL
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Guerlain - Orchidée Impériale the Sleeping Serum 30 mL

Orchidée Impériale the Sleeping Serum - Guerlain

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Orchidée impériale the sleeping serum nocturnal regeneration helps minimize wrinkles and decongests for a radiant and fresh skin on waking up.

Skin is energized and rejuvenated, night after night!

Thanks to the powerful duo of orchids present in Night Cell Respiration technology™, the skin becomes more energized, minimizing the peak of nocturnal hypoxia that hinders fluid flow.

Plant extracts with firming and soothing properties also help in fight wrinkles and face puffiness resulting in a more rested look when waking up.

The texture with micro droplets acts inside of the epidermis providing not only great results, but also an unique sensory experience on the skin.

Ideal to use combined with the L-roller for a highly decongestant massage and a more complete ritual!

How to use






Apply at night, preferablywith a massage with the L-roller in the lymphatic zones.

Apply with a slight pressure on the contours of the mouth, templesand between the eyebrows for a boost of cell energy.