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Gel plus lubrifiant - Ginix

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    Ginix Gel plus lubrifiant 60ml
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Ginix - Gel plus lubrifiant 60ml

Ginix - Gel plus lubrifiant




Gel Ginix Plus is an excellent solution for the vaginal dryness and other symptoms!

Delete once and for all the problems of your relations!

Vaginal lubricant gel, indicated in cases of vaginal dryness, insufficient lubrication of the vaginal mucous membrane and difficulty during sexual intercourse!

Often the natural lubrication may not occur naturally and is considered a symptom doctor if very often.
Some frequent causes of vaginal dryness are the lack or absence of sexual appetite; changing hormone levels, which occur especially in menopause and pre-menopause; virus infections or fungi, which alter the vaginal flora and consequently their secretions; taking some medications, including antihistamines; incorrect preparation for sexual intercourse; diabetes; pregnancy and lactation.

How to Use





Apply a small portion on the vaginal mucous membrane, evenly, 2 times/week.


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