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  • Sensitive skin can be a challenge, but it doesn't have to stop you from enjoying the great outdoors. With the right sunscreen products available at SweetCare, you can protect your skin from harmful UV rays without irritating your skin. When it comes to choosing a sunscreen for sensitive skin, you'll want to look for a formula that is gentle and soothing. Some sunscreens even contain ingredients like aloe vera or chamomile, which can help to calm and soothe irritated skin. 

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    1. Heliocare - 360º A-r Emulsion 50mL SPF50
    2. Heliocare - 360º Mineral Tolerance Fluid 50mL SPF50
    3. Frezyderm - Sun Screen Velvet Second Skin Technology Body Lotion 125mL SPF50+
    4. Heliocare - 360º Mineral Tolerance Fluid SPF50+ 2x50mL 1 un. SPF50+
    5. Avène - Sunsimed High Solar Protection for Sun Hypersensitive Skins 80mL
    6. Bioderma - Cicabio Soothing Repairing Cream 30mL SPF50
    7. ISNtree  - Hyaluronic Acid Watery Sun Gel 50mL SPF50+
    8. Eucerin - Sun Protection Actinic Control MD Fluid Actinic Keratosis 80mL SPF100
    9. Piz Buin - Allergy Sun Sensitive Skin Lotion 400mL SPF50
    10. Riemann - P20 Solar Sensitive Facial Cream 50g SPF50+
    11. Avène - Cleanance High Protection 50mL No Color SPF50+
    12. Heliocare - 360º Md Ak Fluid for Actinic Keratosis 50mL
    13. Avène - Very High Protection Body Spray 200mL SPF50+
    14. Eucerin - Sun Protection Sensitive Protect Sun Body Spray 200mL SPF50+
    15. Institut Esthederm - Solaire Sun Intolerance Body Sunscreen 150mL
    16. Piz Buin - Allergy Sun Sensitive Skin Face Cream 50mL SPF50+
    17. Heliocare - 360º Mineral Fluid Sensitive, Atopic and Children's Skin 50mL SPF50+
    18. Isdin - Eryfotona Ak-Nmsc Fluid 50mL
    19. Eucerin - Sun Protection Sun Allergy Protect Gel-Cream Face and Body 150mL SPF50+
    20. Avène - Very High Protection Fluid Fragrance-Free 50mL SPF50+
    21. Riemann - P20 Solar Kids Cream 200mL SPF50+
    22. Avène - Intense Protect Ultra Water-Resistant Fluid 150mL SPF50
    23. La Roche-Posay - Anthelios Hydrating Lotion 75mL SPF50+
    24. Lancaster - Sun Sensitive Oil-Free Milky Fluid 50mL SPF50
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