• Stretch Marks & Firmness

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  • Regular use of a firmness cream can help to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while also enhancing the general health of the skin. Begin browsing our firmness creams today and give your skin the boost it requires to look and feel its best. 

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    1. Isdin - Woman Isdin Post Partum Firming 200mL
    2. Lierac - Body Sculpt the Firming Bust Gel 75mL
    3. Noreva - Lipoleum Hydraplus Moisturizing Cream 1kg
    4. Clarins - Body Partner Stretch Mark Expert 175mL
    5. Barral - Motherprotect Almond Oil Lotion 200mL
    6. Mustela - Maternity L'Essentiel Multi-Purpose Lotion 200mL
    7. ToSkin - Stretch Mark Prevention Cream 500mL