Comfortable and effective solutions for the care and health of your skin. This is the inspiration of the Leti Laboratories to increasingly improve the quality of life of its customers. A Unit of Dermatology specialist in skin care and leaders in atopy, nose and lips repair and skin redness markets, betting strongly in the field of Dermatology and Dermocosmetics.
Leti - An in-depth view of knowledge and science, combined with the love for the skin.

  1. Leti - Lips Nose Reparing Fluid 10mL
  2. Leti - Letisr Anti-Redness Serum for Sensitive Skin 30mL
  3. Leti - Letisr Anti-Redness Cream SPF20 for Sensitive Skin 40mL SPF20
  4. Leti - Letifem Pediatric Care Intimate Gel 250mL
  5. Leti - Letiat4 Atopic Skin Defense Facial Cream 50mL SPF50
  6. Leti - Lips Nose Reparing Balm 10mL
  7. Leti - Letiat4 Atopic Skin Shampoo 250mL + Shower Gel 100mL 1 un.
  8. Leti - Letifem Woman Care Vulvar Sensitive 30mL
  9. Leti - Letifem Woman Care Daily Intimate Gel 500mL
  10. Leti - Letifem Pediatric Care Vulvar Cream 30mL
  11. Leti - Intranasal Protect Moisturizing Gel for Nose 15mL
  12. Leti - Stick Lips and Nose Repairing 4g
  13. Leti - Letiat4 Atopic Skin Facial Cream 100mL
  14. Leti - Letiat4 Atopic Skin Body Milk 500mL
  15. Leti - Letisr Cream Antiredness and Color Correct 40 mL + 2 G 40mL
  16. Leti - Letiat4 Atopic Skin Shower Gel 750mL
  17. Leti - Letisr Capsules for Sensitive and Redness Skin 60 un.
  18. Leti - Pediatric Lips Nose Reparing Balm 10mL
  19. Leti - Letiat4 Atopic Skin Intensive Cream without Fragrance 100mL
  20. Leti - Letiat4 Atopic Skin Body Cream 200mL
  21. Leti - Letiat4 Atopic Skin Facial Cream 50mL
  22. Leti - Stick Protector 4,5g SPF20
  23. Leti - Perioral for Irritations Arround the Mouth 30mL
  24. Leti - Letisr Anti-Redness Fluid 40mL
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