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You have probably heard of the word Syndet from time to time. What is Syndet? Syndet refers to the term Synthetic Detergent and refers to cosmetic soaps made with synthetic surfactant detergents.


Face aging at any age! Healthy Aging is BABÉ Laboratories' complete range for vital and healthy skin while protecting it against the agents that cause skin aging.


With more than 20 years of success, Babé is a Spanish brand manufactured in Spain; being present in 30 countries around the world! Its products are formulated under the most demanding standards of the pharmaceutical industry, being thought even for the most sensitive skins. Face and body care from birth to adulthood!

  1. Babe - Solar Super Fluid Depigment 50mL SPF50+
  2. Babe - Hidra-Calm Shower Gel 500mL
  3. Babe - Pediatric Emollient Cream for Irritated and Atopic Skin 200mL
  4. Babe - Capilar Anti-Hairloss Lotion 125mL
  5. Babe - Hydro 24 Cream-Gel Normal to Combination Skin 50mL
  6. Babe - Hydro 24H Moisturizer for Sensitive and Reactive Skin 50mL
  7. Babe - Fotoprotector Lip Protection SPF50 Invisible 4g SPF50
  8. Babe - Pediatric Bath Oil for Irritated and Atopic Skin 200mL
  9. Babe - Roll-On Antiperspirant Deodorant 50mL
  10. Babe - Solar Super Fluid Mattifying 50mL SPF50
  11. Babe - Repairing Lotion with 10% Urea for Dry Skin 500mL
  12. Babe - Intimate Hygiene Gel 250mL
  13. Babe - Balm to Oil 500mL


    Balm to Oil 500mL

    £ 15.66 £ 18.43 

  14. Babe - Stop Akn Purifying Cleansing Gel for Oily and Acneic Skin 200mL
  15. Babe - Pediatric Extra Soft Shampoo 200mL
  16. Babe - Pediatric Bath Gel 500mL
  17. Babe - Pediatric Photoprotective Lotion 100mL SPF50+
  18. Babe - Bath Oil for Very Dry to Atopic Skin 100mL
  19. Babe - Pediatric Gel for Intimate Hygiene 200mL
  20. Babe - Stop Akn Mattifying Moisturizer for Oily to Acneic Skin 50mL
  21. Babe - Lipstick Dry Skin 4g SPF20
  22. Babe - Solar Photoprotector Super Fluid 50mL No Color SPF50+
  23. Babe - Multi Corrector Eyes and Lips Tensor 15mL
  24. Babe - Stop Akn Repairing Moisturizing for Dry Acneic Skin 50mL
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