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Masques de Beauté Hot Detox Mask - Galénic

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    Galenic Masques de Beauté Hot Detox Mask 50 mL
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Galénic - Masques de Beauté Hot Detox Mask 50 mL

Masques de Beauté - Galénic



For a depth clean skin in just three minutes-the Hot Detox Mask is the appropriate product.

Leaves skin radiant and smooth!!

A tailor-made formulation in a ThermoClean™ structure to thoroughly cleanse and detoxify the skin. Designed for intense cleaning, the massage releases a pleasant heat that unlocks the pores and removes the particles from pollution.

A warm crystalline gel that turns into a soft, gentle milk in contact with water for easier rinse. The skin is intensely clean and more radiant.

Addictive woody floral fragrance.

How to use





Apply one or two times a week. Apply on dry skin.

Gently massaging with fingertips to activate the heat effect.

Let it act for two or three minutes.

Rinse thoroughly. Wet the hands to turn the gel into milk before rinse.

The perfect weekly ritual: Hot detox mask + cold purifying mask + refreshing moisturizing mask.


Skin detox
Skin detox
A new year asks for a renewed skin, free of impurities and more radiant! Meet some essential steps for rediscover a beautiful and healthy skin in this new year!

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