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Combo Spot on Pipettes Dogs 2-10 Kg - Frontline

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    Frontline Combo Spot on Dogs S 2-10 Kg 1pipette
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Frontline - Combo Spot on Dogs S 2-10 Kg 1pipette

Combo Spot on 1 Pipette Dogs S 2-10 Kg - Frontline

in stock | expected delivery 01 Jun - 03 Jun
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    Frontline Combo Spot on Dogs S 2-10 Kg 3pipettes
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Frontline - Combo Spot on Dogs S 2-10 Kg 3pipettes

Combo Spot on 3 Pipettes Dogs S 2-10 Kg - Frontline

expected delivery 03 Jun - 07 Jun


External parasites, in addition to being a nuisance to the animals and also to people, can cause diseases, in some severe cases.

Fortunately, diseases caused by external parasites, can be prevented!

Frontline Combo is a 2 in 1 solution that protects the animal and the environment, preventing the re-infestation.

Treat or prevent the infestation with Frontline Combo:

  • Frontline Combo eliminates fleas, ticks and liceand protects the environment from re-infestation for flea eggs and larvae.
  • Frontline Combo is safe in dogs (from 8 weeks of age) and in pregnant and lactating animals.


For Dog there are different dosages depending on the weight of the animal:

  • S (2-10 kg)
  • M (10-20 kg)
  • L (20-40 kg)
  • XL (40-60 kg)

The product is an insecticide and acaricide solution for topical use, containing an active substance association of fipronil, and an active substance, (S)-metopreno.


Frequency of application:

- 1 pipette with adequate dosage for cutaneous application on the scrag.

- Repeat with 4 weeks interval.

You can choose by packages of:

-1 pipette (1 month);

-3 pipettes (treatment for 3 months or to various animals with the same weight).


How to use





1- Keep the pipette up and from the end.

2- Keep the by the animal's back, at the base of the neck, in line with the shoulder blades until the skin is clearly visible.

3- Place the tip of the pipette on the skin and squeeze her several times to empty completely your content directly on the skin, in a point of application.

We recommend that you read the information leaflet about care.


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