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Combo Spot on Pipettes Cats - Frontline

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    Frontline Combo Spot on Cats 1pipette
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Frontline - Combo Spot on Cats 1pipette

Combo Spot on 1 Pipette Cats - Frontline

in stock | expected delivery 26 May - 30 May
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    Frontline Combo Spot on Cats 3pipettes
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Frontline - Combo Spot on Cats 3pipettes

Combo Spot on 3 Pipettes Cats - Frontline

expected delivery 30 May - 01 Jun


The pest infestations in cats are important causes of disease in species, and some of them are transmitted to man.

The transmission can happen from one animal to another, or by animal contact with the contaminated environment.

Cats may infest themselves of ectoparasites!

Treat or prevent the infestation with Frontline Combo:

  • Frontline Combo eliminates fleas, ticks and lice and protects the environment from re-infestation for flea eggs and larvae.
  • Frontline Combo is safe in cats (from 8 weeks of age) and in pregnant and lactating animals.

The product is an insecticide and acaricide solution for topical use, containing an active substance association of fipronil, and an active substance, (S)-metopreno.

Frequency of application:

- 1 pipette with adequate dosage for cutaneous application on the scrag.

- Repeat with 4 weeks interval.

You can choose by packages of:

-1 pipette (1 month);

-3 pipettes (treatment for 3 months or to various animals with the same weight).


How to Use





1- Keep the pipette up and from the end.

2- Keep the by the animal's back, at the base of the neck, in line with the shoulder blades until the skin is clearly visible.

3- Place the tip of the pipette on the skin and squeeze her several times to empty completely your content directly on the skin, in a point of application.

We recommend that you read the information leaflet about care.


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