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Pigment-perfect dark spot corrector serum - Filorga

Discontinued Product.
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Dark spots corrector serum which unify the skin and brightens the complexion.

Contains a trio of innovative ingredientes that act synergistically to correct pigmentation changes:

  • Hops extract, regulates pigmentation, while decreasing the synthesis of melanin, and visibly reduces the size and intensity of stains.
  • Plant extract, with antiradical and anti-inflammatory properties, which prevents the skin pigmentation caused by oxidative stress.
  • Vitamin C, of new generation, evens the skin and ensures greater brightness to complexion.

Corrects the existing dark spots and prevents the appearance of new ones, for an even beautifully enhanced complexion.

Also ideal as an alternative to laser, IPL and anti-spot peeling treatments .

How to use






Apply morning and evening, on its own or before your day or night cream. As an everyday skin care product or following on from depigmenting laser treatments and peels. For an accelerated and intensive anti-dark spot treatment, use Pigment-Perfect for a minimum of 12 weeks in combination with our Sleep and Peel treatment.


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